Counsel, Comfort, and Reconciliation for Individuals, Marriages and Families seeking to know GOD'S Purpose & Design


Counseling sessions are available virtually during the Indiana "stay at home" order. Please let us know how we can help! Use the "contact" button at the top menu or text (317) 603-4726 to inquire about services or make an appointment. 

WELCOME TO RAPHA RESTORATION MINISTRIES where HOPE & HEALING are happening for marriages, families and individuals experiencing brokenness.

We explore together God's design for whole health and walk alongside as couples, individuals, and families seek His unique purpose for their lives. Choose "contact" above to send us an email about services or to set up a counseling appointment.

Rapha also offers a HAVEN, a cottage set aside for married couples needing comfort, counsel, and intensive care as well as individuals looking for a retreat.

For information about Rapha Cottage, click here to check it out!

Thinking about getting help? We are thankful for this FaceBook post:

Meet Barbara at her cottage where she counsels. Not just us -  she and her husband, Brent, have a wonderful ministry about 20 minutes from our house! This is for our marriage, family, emotional, and spiritual health! We dearly love this lady! She has done life and counseled us for around 10 years now! She has been through so many highs and lows. We have sat in her office when we didn't know how we would make it and she listened with compassion, through our tears and frustration. And she sat through our joy when we were so in love and thought we could write a marriage book! WinkDon't be ashamed to seek wise counsel in your life through the bad and good!

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CONQUER SERIES May 11, 2020 Click here for registration and details.
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Get Calm & Carry On September 12 Check back for more information.