"This retreat has been a blessing. Thank you for opening conversations that are so easy to miss due to the busy-ness of life. Thank you for reminding us that God delights in marital joy - something we know, but forget to remember and find joy in the thought." 

"The closeness that our marriage has been missing came back full force. Reading scripture together and sharing intimacy has been wonderful. Setting goals and sticking to them is our priority." 

"We want to say 'may our thanks do, until the Lord repays you better!' We've always wanted to come on a marriage retreat but haven't had the funds in the past. We thank you with a very grateful heart for the funds and prayers that made this time possible. We are never too old to learn more about how God wants us to love one another. Maybe someday we can do the same for another couple. Blessings." 

"You will never know completely what this has meant to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 

"Barb & Brent have been a huge help in restoring our marriage. We are not there yet, but on our way. We did start somewhere else and the counseling was not as good."

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the Rapha Spring Marriage Retreat. We enjoyed the time to focus on our marriage and spend time alone together. "

"Thank you for paying for this retreat for us and allowing us to come and be a part of this awesome time. Please pray for us as we enter into marriage on June 30. God's blessing on you all."

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