We LOVE our volunteers! There are multiple ways to help us in our ministry. Many of the on-going ways to help include:

Adopting a Garden: we have multiple annual and perennial flower gardens on our property. We need help maintaining them. Weeding, splitting overgrown plants, spreading mulch, and adding color include some of the tasks. If you or a small group would like to help with this ongoing service, we would be GRATEFUL!

Maintenance of the Prayer Path: this path runs along the northside of our property and connects some gardens, ending at a large cross with provide paper, pens, and nails to attach prayers to the cross. The path needs weeding, mulch refreshing, edging, and replenishment of paper, pens, and nails. This is another on-going project that would benefit from a small group adoption.

General property maintenance: painting the gazebo, storage shed, small repairs to the exterior of the buildings, benches, and swings include some of the on-going needs. Please contact us if you are interested in this and we can let you know what our current needs are.

Please contact us at the link above if you are interested in helping! School groups, church groups, small groups, individuals... ALL are welcome! Thank you for blessing us!