We are looking for Prayer Partners!

Will you commit to pray for just 1 couple daily from now throughout the month of June (at least)? This is desperately needed!

SO  MANY more marriages are in stress right now...and some are crumbling fast! However, we have a weapon against the enemy's attacks, and that most powerful weapon is PRAYER. 

We're seeking a dedicated Prayer Team. Each team member will receive the 1st names of a couple, (who have requested prayer and given permission for 1st names to be disclosed).  If you will do this, and you will be their "Secret Pal" Prayer Warrior! And we also have a sneaky suspicion that you'll be blessed in the process!

WILL you give up part of your time for a desperate marriage/family? Will you "die to self" and surrender some time daily for this?

Please let Barb know if you're led to do this...asap. Your help is needed, as we unite together in the battle to save these marriages!

To sign up as a Prayer Warrior, please text Barb at: 317-603-4726, email:, or fill out the contact form above and specify you are volunteering for prayer duty.

minstry happenings

  • For the first times in 17 years, there was no Spring Marriage Retreat.

  • And the previously announced Rapha Fun Day at the Cottage, scheduled for June, will need to be rescheduled. 

  • But the Fall Retreat is scheduled for Friday night, Nov. 20 and all day Nov. 21st. Register now!

  • Retreat 201, for those who have already attended a Retreat and are ready to "go deeper", is Aug. 28 & 29th. We'll be at the Shepherd's Gate Inn in Martinsville. (If you're ready to join in, call us for info at: 317-603-4726 asap!) 

  • We've been extremely challenged to meet the needs of marriages and families during these weeks. Each day is packed, but each night we thank God for the honor of walking alongside these folks in their hurt, and often, desperation.

  • It goes without saying (but we'll say it anyway) that, when we've stepped out of God's Way, we've watched His awesome, specific, gracious work in very chaotic and vulnerable marriages. Celebrate Him!!

  • As of right now, we're actively working with 21 marriages...15 of those come in weekly...we have that many more in "maintenance mode", which means they come in periodically for a "check-up" ...and 5 couples have recently "graduated" from care. However, once here...always a part of Rapha's family! 

  • Chris continues to meet with children and teens...AND, here's news!: Chris is now meeting with adult women, especially those dealing with anxiety and/or depression.....parenting issues....and basic burn-out.

  • The next Conquer group for men is up and running! This week was the 1st of 10 sessions. Brent also meets with men individually when they're struggling with porn and are ready to break out of that bondage. Any man just wanting to gain knowledge, based on scripture, to help other men or their own family can also meet with Brent.

  • We continue to meet with the women who attended Rapha's ReCreaTe Women's Weekend in mid March (dealing with Betrayal Trauma), and it's a joy to watch them become increasingly FREE from old enemy strongholds! Which grows their marriages.

  • The next workshop for women, facilitated by Chris, is Sept. 12! Details TBA.